Ethan Foote - AIR

Strathmore Mansion w/ Ethan Foote
March 8, 2017
7:30 pm
Bethesda, MD
Strathmore Mansion
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About Ethan Foote

To many, he is a jazz bassist. To others, a folk guitarist. Some know him as a prolific arranger, some as a collaborator with dancers, playwrights, and poets. Though his guises have been numerous, Ethan Foote is ultimately a composer-musician seeking new meaning for chamber music in the 21st century, and finding it in more than one context. In 2015, he released his solo debut Fields Burning, a folk-rock album of detailed ensemble arrangements and complex songwriting, indebted to literary as much as to musical forebears. More recently, Foote has created works squarely in the classical concert tradition, though the connections to jazz, folk, and other idioms are never far away.